March 26, 2018


We decided that Blessed Altar Zine will only do reviews and future interviews with the following musical styles. Black Metal / Death Metal / Thrash Metal / Heavy Metal / Grind / Doom Metal / Dark Ambient (all subgenres included in the styles mentioned) 

The rest please DO NOT contact us. 

Nothing against you is just because we do not have time to dedicate ourselves to more genres and subgenres within the metal UG.


If you want us to review your work you can send us an email ask details, but we need the album in best quality (can be MP3 (320kbps) or CD quality), cover, biography, and a little text presenting the work. We do not accept releases for more than 3 months released.
By sending us the promo doesn't mean that we will review it. We will try but we are getting many promos so we will try to do our best.

Our rating...
Starting today (03 April 2018), we decided to give a new ratting system to our reviews, giving a more humorous side to them. ahahahahah.

1/10 Turd Alert!
2/10 Your ship sank sir!
3/10 Just Breathing
4/10 There is some hope yet
5/10 Floating in the sea of mediocrity
6/10 We may survive!
7/10 Victory is possible
8/10 To Greatness and glory!
9/10 Epic Storm
10/10 Immortal classic

We will look for bands but you can contact us anyway.

We are a UG zine. We will never have here mainstream reviews/interviews.

In the name of Blessed Altar Zine
The Key Keeper